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Environment & community


CMC genuinely respects the environment and understands the potential impact our works may have both during construction and after the project has been completed.

CMC’s practices are about minimising all forms of environmental impacts and identifying sustainable solutions both during and post construction. During projects we focus on environmental monitoring of water quality, air, noise and vibration to ensure that our activities are having minimal environmental impact. We also care about what we leave behind after a project, so we engage specialist ecologists, erosion and sediment control professionals and weed management staff to ensure that the long-term impacts of our operations are minimised.

Our robust and adaptable environmental management system used on every project is third party accredited to ISO 14001:2015. This EMS provides a framework for CMC to carry out activities in an environmentally responsible manner using best practice.


We are passionate about supporting and improving the quality of life in the communities where we live and work.

CMC builds and fosters strong relationships with local communities that are based on trust, transparency, and a positive and respectful outlook. Additional care and consideration are always taken when working within close proximity of any community, with strategies tailored to minimise impacts wherever possible. We believe that every individual on every project is responsible for achieving this, and our teams are committed to ongoing engagement throughout the entire project life-cycle.

We take our commitment seriously, with an average percentage of local expenditure on regional projects recorded at around 80 percent. More broadly we help to create positive outcomes for the communities we work and live in, through initiatives such as sponsorships, donations, the support of local economies, and the provision of training and employment opportunities.


Photo: Helping a local Turtle


Photo: Local Community

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