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Ted Pukallus Weir Remediation

In January 2011, the Toowoomba region was particularly hard-hit by the Qld flood events and the region's road, bridges, water infrastructure and services sustained severe damage. CMC were one of three contractors shortlisted to work collaboratively with Toowoomba Regional Council and their Designers to deliver the $200 million worth of infrastructure repairs and re-building.
The Ted Pukallus Weir is a concrete gravity dam structure on the Cooyar Creek outside Yarraman. The structure was originally completed in 1967 and provides drinking water supply for the Yarraman Region. The 2011 flood removed the top 1.2 m of the structure at a construction joint, weakening the stability of the overall weir structure and caused major damage to the abutment structures.


The overall scope of works involved the re-sheeting and reconstruction of the local road network, reconstruction of culvert structures, construct new bridges and floodway’s, realignment of major sewer infrastructure and repair and strengthening of the Ted Pukallus Weir.

Major Quantities:

  • Drill and install 28 new stainless-steel rock anchors through the weir structure and 10m into the founding bedrock to increase the dam stability.
  • Scabble surface and construct a new 1.2 m high concrete crest on the weir in 7 monolith sections.
  • Demolish and reconstruct both right and left concrete abutments
  • Replace corroded water supply pipework and valves with new stainless-steel pipework
  • Install new handrail and security structure on the left abutment
  • Install new permanent confined space access equipment
  • Repair concrete and rock erosion protection on the downstream bank

Highlights & Outcomes

  • The site team succeeded in providing the client with their improved structure with minimal disruption to normal water supply operations and with no adverse environmental effects.
  • Savings during the construction stage due to efficient construction management were passed on to TRC under the Collaborative Working Agreement contract.
  • The project outcomes were achieved through key stakeholder management in a collaborative, best-for-project environment.
Ted Pukallus Weir Remediation
Toowoomba Regional Council
March 2013 – August 2013

Ted Pukallus Weir Remediation

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