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NDRRA North Burnett Region Flood Restoration Works

NDRRA North Burnett Region Flood Restoration Works
NDRRA North Burnett Region Flood Restoration Works
NDRRA North Burnett Region Flood Restoration Works

As part of the National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA), CMC was engaged to perform extensive restoration works to Council infrastructure caused by severe flooding, derived from ex-cyclone Oswald.

To manage the extensive damage, the work was split across a north and south package. CMC’s north package covered a large area including Monal, Mungungo, Kalpower, Monto, Muligildie, Eidsvold and Mount Perry.


The program works consisted of road pavement maintenance, reconstruction and rehabilitation of both sealed and unsealed roads, road drainage reconstruction, and rehabilitation and floodway reconstruction.

CMC delivered a combination of major and minor works including drainage cleanout, erosion protection, replacement of damaged pipes and culverts, guardrail and signage replacement, pavement reconstruction and rehabilitation of sealed and unsealed roads, floodway and apron reconstruction, bitumen seals, and asphalt overlays.

Highlights & Outcomes

  • Managed peak labour force of 250 with over 200,000 hours LTI free.
  • 63 percent of CMC employees underwent training.
  • Provided economic benefit to local community through sponsorships and engagement of local subcontractors, employees and suppliers.
  • Produced and processed 324,000 tonnes of pavement gravels from local borrow pits.
  • Successfully managed the logistics and performed work across over 200 individual sites within a 100 kilometre radius of Monto.
  • Undertook $4.5 million in additional scope without extending the contract completion date to meet NDRRA funding arrangements.
  • Sponsored Monto State High School volleyball team, which enabled them to compete in the National Schools Championship in Melbourne.
  • Over $2.2 million injected into Monto district through rental properties and consumer spending.
North Burnett QLD
North Burnett Regional Council
August 2013 - June 2014

NDRRA North Burnett Region Flood Restoration Works

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