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D&C Tom’s Gully Culvert

Existing Bridge prior to removal


CMC recently completed the Design and Construction of a major box culvert crossing for Hanking’s main access into Rustler’s Roost at Mount Bundy, 120km south east from Darwin.

The Tom’s Gully Culvert project provides Hanking with access to the site during the wet season which is something that has hampered the operations until now.

Despite the early onset of the wet season and the COVID lock down in Darwin, the project was completed within an accelerated program from initial client interactions in August through to scoping, design and delivery completed by December 2021.

CMC’s capability to respond quickly to Hanking’s requirements has been praised by Hanking repeatedly.

Major Quantities

  • 220m3 concrete
  • 30 of 3m x 3m box culverts
  • 20 of spanning slabs
Mount Bundy
Hanking Australia Investments
August - December 2021

D&C Tom’s Gully Culvert

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