NDRRA, South Burnett Region Flood Restoration North Package

SQARRP Alliance, Wide Bay and Darling Downs

NDRRA, South Burnett Sealed Roads


Significant road infrastructure had been damaged during tropical cyclone Oswald, and the associated rainfall and flooding experienced in the region between 21 and 29 January 2013.

Works were undertaken across a mix of sites. One of the greatest challenges was maintaining safety compliance for crews that were set up on location for varying durations from one day to several days or weeks; or in contrast on multiple locations within any given day. CMC successfully managed the complexity of these logistics and ensured all compliance paperwork was in place before works began.


Works comprised road infrastructure repairs including road drainage reconstruction, floodway reconstruction, sealing, and road pavement reconstruction including both sealed and unsealed (stabilisation, regrade, re-sheeting, CTB dig out and replace). During the contract the client increased the scope to include additional work along nine floodways and a major slip repair.


Designated CMC representative worked in the field with the client to identify and address undefined scope and accelerate approvals.

Utilised ipads in the field to track scope and treatment changes.

Proposed alternate CTB and stabilisation options that met specifications and mitigated risks associated with encountering unsuitable material.

Invited by the client to present to 15 senior Council staff on safety management.

Achieved 60,900 man hours LTI free.

CMC’s tailored program enabled crews to share resources, increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve quality and safety.

Re-engagement of floodway crews from previous contracts enhanced performance.

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