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NDRRA, Bundaberg Region North South Package

NDRRA, Bundaberg Flood Recovery Works


Following a number of successful NDRRA and other civil works projects in the region, CMC was awarded this contract to rehabilitate and reconstruct essential Council infrastructure that had been damaged by the 2013 floods.


Works predominantly covered roads, drains, and floodways. The typical repair work for drainage infrastructure involved patching, repair or replacement of damaged culverts, reshaping, repair or reinstatement of open drains and the removal of gravel, silt and other detritus preventing drains and culverts from operating effectively.

The typical repair works to floodways and causeways comprised reshaping, patching and stabilising damaged sections and the removal of gravel, silt and other detritus preventing them from operating effectively.


Programmed works to suit hours of several local businesses and residents in areas with higher population numbers.

Proposed use of mill & fill (asphalt) in lieu of stabilisation to overcome subgrade issue and significant dig-outs being experienced.

Undertook trials within geographical areas to reduce the cost of soil testing.

Programmed asphalt types on the same day to improve programming, efficiencies and mobilisation.

Performed line marking as soon as possible after sealing to reduce aftercare signage checks and costs.

128,296 man hours with zero LTIs.

Won, CCF Industry Leaders & Training Award, Outstanding commitment to training and skill development (individual).

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