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Gracemere Industrial Access Project

Gordonbrook Dam Spillway Repairs


The 2013 tropical cyclone Oswald and associated rainfall and flooding, significantly damaged the Gordonbrook Dam spillway. South Burnett Regional Council received betterment funding to repair the floor of the spillway, together with provision for a shotcrete batter.


Works included batter stabilisation via passive steel anchors and new shotcreting; repairs to existing shotcrete batters; removal of damaged or deteriorated concrete in the drop structures and replacement of these structures; repairs to the spillway channel holes including the installation of passive steel anchors through the previous repairs and casting; and provision of gravel access tracks into the dam to provide an alternate route in times of flood.


Completed approximately two months ahead of schedule.

CMC maintained flexibility through the construction period and commenced work on agreed ‘known’ areas of scope whilst the client finalised the scope.

Reduced the quantity of steel scheduled within the batter shotcrete by decreasing the number of vertical laps.

Reduced manual handling and provided a safer placement methodology by proposing to use RL1218 mesh in lieu of heavier N20 bars within the steel design for the reinforced concrete capping slabs.

No environmental or safety incidents (zero LTIs).

Achieved a high quality finish.

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