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Post tensioned AGV Pavement Slabs


CMC was awarded the Sun Metals Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) post tensioned concrete works, which included construction of two large post-tensioned concrete slabs, demolition of a portion of the existing adjacent post-tensioned slab and removal and replacement of existing stormwater and construction.

The main technical and construction complexity arose in the slab set up, as the slabs were surround by existing post-tensioned slabs. Therefore, allowance had to be made for the post-tensioning to be carried out after each pour. In addition, the finished slab had varied levels and gradients due to a number of design requirements.

Overall, the project was delivered safely and on time, enabling subsequent building works to commence on time.

Project scope of works included:

  • Hammer, excavating and removing over 1,100 m³ of concrete and spoil to make ready for new post tensioned slabs.
  • Removal of the existing stormwater.
  • Supply and place new stormwater line and catch pits
  • General fill and select fill placement as well as the removal of unsuitable.
  • Construction of two 550 m³ concrete post tensioned slabs being a total area of 2750 m² by 0.40 m deep.
  • The construction and installation of Lesa joints and dowels with sleeves.
Sun metals Corporation Pty Ltd
March 2021 - July 2021

Post tensioned AGV Pavement Slabs

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