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Bruce Highway Pomona Connection Road

Bruce Highway Pomona Connection Road
Bruce Highway Pomona Connection Road
Bruce Highway Pomona Connection Road

Located approximately 34 kilometres south of Gympie and delivered in three stages, this project was the first of four packages to upgrade the Bruce Highway from Cooroy to Curra (Section A). The three stages included:

Stage 1 – New alignment of Gardners Road and tie-in to existing
Stage 2 – Pomona Connection Road (widening to northern side of Bruce Highway)
Stage 3 – Widening to southern side of Bruce Highway


CMC’s scope broadly involved clearing and grubbing, earthworks, drainage, asphalt and granular pavements, overlays and delineation, road furniture, barriers and road lighting, and landscaping. Works also involved significant environmental considerations with drainage infrastructure constructed through Skyring Creek which is home to the Mary River Cod and Giant Barred Frog.

Highlights & Outcomes

  • All three major traffic switches completed on time.
  • Unused excavated and felled material donated to council for local projects.
  • Developed a site traffic movement plan and programmed specific works that utilised an under highway culvert for pedestrian and materials movements, with no crossing of the highway allowed at any time.
  • Addressed Waterway Barrier permit time constraint with an alternate methodology to successfully install concrete culverts within Skyring Creek.
  • Department of Environment and Heritage Protection audit comment on assessing compliance to s319 stated ‘… work completed by CMC on behalf of TMR has resulted in a high level of compliance with the Act [EPA 1994]. The Department commends CMC on the ESC measures implemented throughout the construction works.
Cooroy to Curra NSW
Transport and Main Roads (TMR)
February 2013 - August 2013

Bruce Highway Pomona Connection Road

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