Wallace Creek Bridge and Road Works


West Creek Channel and Goggs Street


As part of Toowoomba Regional Council’s Flood Recovery Program, CMC was awarded the West Street Channel and Goggs Street Package 41 contract. The works formed part of Council’s Gowrie Creek Catchment Management Strategy which involved a series of flood mitigation works upstream from the Toowoomba CBD.

The stormwater network improvements extended 150 metres up Goggs Street, which is a popular access route for local traffic to the Warrego Highway.

The significant underground work performed in the channel provides flood mitigation for up to a one in 100 year storm event.


Works involved widening and deepening the West Street channel and upgrading stormwater drainage along Goggs Street. Specifically CMC:

  • Removed and relocated 600 metres of trunk sewer main
  • Installed 66, nine tonne, three metre high culverts east of Clifford Street
  • Constructed two composite fibre footbridges
  • Laid 177 metres of reinforced concrete pipe in the roadway in front of existing and operating businesses and a shopping centre on Goggs Street
  • Removed 8,000 cubic metres of material from the West Creek channel to increase capacity
  • Constructed a 360 lineal metre reinforced earth masonry retaining wall
  • Replaced stormwater pipes
  • Undertook all finishing works including landscaping and the upgrade of kerbs and footpaths


Re-staged the project to accommodate a late product change by client.

Redesigned retaining wall design to accommodate the existing sewer network.

CMC recycled gravel from its other projects in the region to backfill double box culverts.

Successfully mitigated environmental risks to local flora and fauna while undertaking works within the constantly flowing waterway.

Mitigated risk of washouts and scours through effective staging of the works that minimised exposure.

99,563 man hours with zero LTIs.

Personally engaged with local businesses, tailored initiatives to reduce disruption, and sustained positive relationships.

2015 State and National Winner, Category 2 – $2m to $10m, CCF Earth Awards.

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