TNRP, Gregory Highway 27B

Labrador-Carrara Road Upgrade

TNRP, Hervey Range Road 83A


CMC was engaged to undertake pavement reconstruction and floodway rehabilitation works on Hervey Range Road between Townsville and Battery. The contract was split into two separable portions to allow the redesign of Section C. Delivered as part of the Transport Network Rehabilitation Program (TNRP) the project comprised SP1 (Sections A & B) and SP2 (Section C).


Section A: Reconstruction of pavement and shoulders including in-situ stabilisation, placement of both unbound and plant-mixed stabilised materials, sealing and asphalt works, and minor landscaping works.

Section B: Reconstruction of pavements and shoulders including changes to raise and alter pavement cross fall to enable adequate drainage and address aquaplaning issues, drainage culvert extensions, in-situ stabilisation, unbound and plant-mixed stabilised pavements, sealing works and minor landscaping works.

Section C: Upon redesign, reconstruction of multiple pavement failures across 14 kilometres, including temporary pavement construction, use of plant-mixed stabilised pavements, spray sealing and minor drainage structure clean outs.


Separable Portion 1 and Separable Portion 2 were both completed ahead of schedule.

Strategies were in place to mitigate impacts derived from working through the north Queensland wet season including impacts from tropical cyclone Ita.

Major safety consideration was working under traffic, with the existing roadway conditions and available width significantly determining the method of construction.

Traffic management and construction works also considered a significant volume of Australian Defence Force vehicles (including tanks over new pavements) that travelled along Hervey Range Road each day to access the Hervey Range training facility.

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