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NDRRA, Toowoomba Regional Council Flood Recovery Program


As part of the National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA), CMC was engaged as part of a panel of three civil contractors to perform extensive restoration works to Council infrastructure caused by the major flood events of December 2010 and January 2011.

CMC partnered with Toowoomba-based contractor, Newland Civil to strengthen the team’s knowledge of local requirements and facilitate a quick delivery of the works.


CMC’s scope of work largely involved the remediation and reconstruction of a number of rural roads and drainage structures throughout the Toowoomba region. In total 14 packages of work were awarded to CMC.
Works included:

  • Road maintenance works, in-situ stabilisation, bitumen seals, asphalt overlays, guardrail, pavement reconstruction, unbound gravels and general drainage repairs to 444 individual sites
  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation of damaged flood ways (Cockatoo Creek, Emu Creek, and Three Mile Road)
  • Reconstruction of damaged sewer and water mains
  • Reconstruction of the crest to the Ted Pukallus Weir, which is an active water source for Toowoomba Regional Council
  • West Creek Channel Works – Widening and beautification works to 420 metres of existing drainage channel including two footbridges, retaining walls and 400 metres of storm water drainage to Gogg Street


180,000 man hours LTI free.

Met the client’s tight ten week delivery program for the fast tracked repair packages.

Delivered a diverse program of works to 444 individual sites across a broad geographic region on time and under budget.

Approximately 84 percent of project expenditure remained within the Toowoomba region.

Partnered with local civil contractor to supplement resources and accelerate program delivery.

Successfully managed flood risk associated with reconstruction of crest to Ted Pukallus Weir.

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