Sustainability in construction is highly valued by the CMC Group in all that we do. CMC’s practices are about minimising all forms of environmental impacts and identifying sustainable solutions for our environment, society and our people both during and post construction. We support our communities through positive development, contribution, and economic engagement.

CMC worker rescuing cockatoo

Our operations are certified under an ISO14001: Environmental Management System (EMS) that covers all facets of CMC’s projects. This EMS provides a framework for CMC to carry out activities in an environmentally responsible manner using best practice methodology while conforming to all relevant legislation, regulations and guidelines.

We have a strong emphasis on training our staff to ensure best practice is sustained. All staff receive site specific environmental and cultural heritage inductions prior to works commencing. We also see the importance of up-skilling staff through specialised training in areas such as erosion and sediment control and environmental monitoring.

During projects we focus on environmental monitoring of water quality, air, noise and vibration to ensure that our activities are having minimal impacts on the environment. We also care about what we leave behind after a project, so we engage specialist ecologists, erosion and sediment control professionals and weed management staff to ensure that the long-term impacts of our operations are minimised.

Our environmental management processes and systems are complemented by our CMC staff who have a proud and strong attitude of caring and respect, and who take it upon themselves to actively conserve the natural and heritage environment for now and the future.

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