CMC Awarded – CN1002 Wyong Road Upgrade

In November 2015 CMC was awarded by RMS the Wyong Road Upgrade.

Wyong road is the major road linking the M1 Pacific Motorway with Wyong, Tuggerah, The Entrance and the surrounding coastal suburbs.

The roundabouts located at Mingara drive and Tumbi road in Tumbi Umbi are heavily congested during peak hours, this project involves replacing the existing roundabouts with traffic lights to improve the traffic flow and safety for the 48,000 vehicles that use this section of Wyong road each day, while catering for future traffic growth.

The project involves the construction of roadworks, general earthworks, pavements, drainage, retaining walls, utility adjustments, provision of traffic signals, road furniture, landscaping, provision for bus, pedestrian and cyclist facilities and property adjustments.

The key benefits of this upgrade include:

  • Travel time and safety will be improved for traffic travelling from the M1 to the Entrance/Terrigal and vice versa
  • Property Adjustments will provide safer access/egress for residents and businesses.
  • New/Improved shared pathways/crossings will improve safety for pedestrians/cyclists
  • CMC ranked 2nd on price and 1st on price plus non-price criteria

Works commenced November 2015 for completion in October 2017.

Stage 2C Mingara Intersection-excavation works

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