CMC Awarded – Cape River Bridge Upgrade

CMC has recently been awarded the Cape River Bridge Upgrade project located on the Gregory Development Road at Cape River, approximately 113 kilometres south of Charters Towers.

The upgrade involves the demolition of the existing Cape River Bridge and causeway and the construction of a new, higher and wider 200-metre-long bridge approximately 2 kilometres of approach roads located 50-metres to the east of the existing structure.

The key benefits of this upgrade include:

  • Improved flood immunity and reduced road closures
  • Improved road safety and better driving conditions for locals
  • Improved access between Emerald and Charters Towers
  • Improved year-round freight access to inland communities and the Townsville Port.

Works commenced on the 3rd April 2017 for completion Mid 2018.

Approach 2_170405     Approach 1_170405

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