Safety of our people

We provide a safe working environment for our people – our most valuable and valued resource. We support our people to live safely, and value health and wellbeing – inside and outside the CMC Group.

The right attitude

We take pride in our work, approach every challenge with a positive frame of mind, and have a commitment to collaboration.

Enjoying the journey

We create a great place for our people to work, grow and prosper. We celebrate our achievements and recognise our successes.

Learning and growth

We are committed to the growth of the CMC Group, through the continuous learning and growth of our people.

Striving for excellence

We look for creative, new or better ways to enhance our expertise in all dimensions of our business. We are inspired to deliver the best in every facet of our work.

Authenticity, fairness, and directness

We operate and communicate with genuine respect for others and a commitment to equality. We are reliable and trustworthy, and tell it like it is.

Integrity and honesty

We are honest and ethical in everything we do and we keep our commitments.

Hard work and persistence

We work hard to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and, in turn, ourselves. We strive to continually improve in everything we do.


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