Care and consideration

CMC builds and fosters strong relationships with local communities that are based on trust, transparency, cooperation, and a positive and respectful outlook.

Additional care and consideration is always taken when working within metropolitan, regional and remote communities, with methodologies and communication strategies tailored to minimise impacts wherever possible.

A neighbour associated with our Francis Road Rail Overpass project made the following statement:  “We couldn’t have asked for a more impressive execution of this massive building project – we really thought it would impact adversely in our lives but it didn’t and for that, we thank CMC …”

We believe that every individual on every project is responsible for achieving this, and our teams are committed to ongoing engagement throughout the entire project life-cycle.

Engagement and participation

We are passionate about supporting, developing and improving the quality of life in the communities where we live and work.

We take our commitment seriously, with an average percentage of local expenditure on regional projects recorded at around 80 percent.

Recognising that all projects and communities are different our support is tailored to meet local needs. We also support the engagement and participation objectives of our clients who will often have long-term relationships within the regions we work.

Initiatives include both project-based and ongoing sponsorships, donations, the engagement of local suppliers to support local economies, and the provision of training and employment opportunities. We are committed to leaving a lasting legacy and creating positive outcomes for the communities we work and live in.

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